Vibro Sifter Sieves

Vibro Sifter Sieves for the most part utilize vibration vitality or a mix of Vibration & ultrasonic energies to accomplish screening. Sifters must be uniquely intended to oppose the high elastic pressure created. Since Particle Size Distribution has a crucial impact in sedate disintegration, keeping up the exactness of the strainer gaps is a fundamental piece of sifter fabricating. Appropriate thickness of wire, precise ostensible opening sizes, high elasticity & rigidity of the strainer are basic for high filtering execution.

Product Details:
Material:Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
Material Grade: ISO-9044, ASTM E-2016
Hole Size:25.4mm to 25 microns
Hole Shape:Square, Circular
Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
Aperture Sizes: 25.4mm to 25 microns
Standards: ISO-9044, ASTM E-2016
Design: c.GMP Quality
Special Designs: For ultrasonic sifters, high amplitude sifters & high throughput sifters
Special Sieves: Safe Static Dissipation