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Cadmill Sieves

Cadmill Sieves in 152 mm x 542 mm in perforated round holes mounted on black reinforcing plate of 18 SWG with 18 rectangular holes & woven Mesh sandwitched, cadmill fitzmill sieves and as per customer specifications.

Multimill Sieves

Multimill Sieves in I.D. 263 mm x HT 140 MM in perforated round holes woven mesh on backrein forcing plate of 16 swg & also woven mesh sandwitched in multimill sieves

Test Sieves

In brass frame & S. S. Frame 8" Dia, 10" Dia, 18" Dia, 24" Dia & also as per customers specification.

The following products are also available

Fluid bed dryer sieves
Fluid bed dryer sieves
S.S. Test Sieves with Brass Frame
Pressure leaf filter
Sparkler filter screen

Granulator Sieves
Wire sieves cloth
Wire mesh
Perforated screen
Aluminum & SS Trays for dryer



Sifter Sieves in 20 inch Dia, 30 inch Dia, 40 inch Dia, 48 inch Dia, from 4 mesh to 500 mesh and additional cross support cross welded to the bottom of the ring and additional support sieves as per customer specification and also silicon moulded sifter sieves in SS 316 / 304

Wire Mesh (Plain Weave) | Chain Link Fencing| Vibrating Screen ClothMosquito Nets | Open Ended Wire clothCrimped Wire Mesh| Perforated Sheet  | Dutch twilled Weave| Pharmaceutical Sieves |  Wire Mesh in circle shapeExpanded mesh


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